New Website for 2019

Website Redesign.

BodaComs are going through a whole new rebranding and website redesign process for 2019, which also includes new content for the website and a fresh new look.

As a business we offer full agency services from website design to full strategic marketing plans and targeted adverts.

We want the new website to reflect everything that we do, hence the rebrand and new content.

It’s important to make sure that as a business you keep your website up to date and as current as possible.

Updating your website also helps with organic search engine optimisation.

The Top Benefits of Rebranding?

  • Connect With a New Audience. Perhaps the biggest advantage to refreshing the look and feel of your brand is the ability to reach new potential customers.
  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors.
  • Stay Current.
  • Reflect New Goals, Products, Offers, or Values.

We can offer a full analysis of your current website and highlight areas of improvement.

This can include advice on content, seo, the customer journey through the website, calls to action, website speed, viewability across all devices, the design, social connections and so on.

if you need any advice on rebranding or updating your website, feel free to contact us,

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