Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Search Engine Optimisation Tips.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips – By far the most challenging area concerning website development sits around the of science organic search engine optimisation .

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.

In many respects it’s simply quality control for websites. 

What it isnt – Gone are the days of cramming as many keywords you can think of into the metatags of the head element of your websites.

Years ago google organic listing was based around keywords and keyphrases that where engineered into the head element of a website via metatags.

Googlebots and search engine bots would index these metatags against how relevant they were to search terms.

With the rise of social media, getting ranked and indexed organically has become even more of a science.

To help google determine how relevant your website is to the search terms, google looks for websites that score highly for authority and relevance, the things you can do to influence this are (and not limited to):

  • Relevant Content on the website.
  • Keyword and Keywords Phrases relevant to the site content and your target audience.
  • Blogs and blogging – how relevant the content is and keyword phrasing and keywords within that content relevant to search terms you want to target.
  • Social Media links from the site, how relevant the content is at the end of those social media links.
  • Back links from higher ranking and relevant websites.
  • How old the domain is.
  • How often the website is updated with relevant content.

Use the tools

There are some great tools to help you gauge how well your site is ranking, one the best is google analytics.

BodaComs SEO
Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Using tools like google analytics can assist in looking at what keywords and key phrases you are being found with.

It can tell you where abouts your visitors are coming from, which search engines, social channels, back links and so on.

It can also tell you things like what pages are getting visited, bounce rates and so forth.

Creating good content and monitoring your results to make relevant changes to content and the way your website is performing should be seen as an ongoing job and not a one off tick in the box objective.

Google my Business (Google Maps).

We recently Launched our Telecoms business (mid Oct 2019) and already appear for our search terms.

If your business isn’t listed on Google Maps then you are missing a trick.

First of all it’s FREE, it’s easy and it can give you an edge on your competition.

You can make it easy for your potential customers to find you, find your website, view immediate content and write great reviews for you.

Google loves reviews as it ranks you for validation.

You can add images, post offers and updates and get statistics on users and visibility.

Great for local search and it helps validate who you are as a business.

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